A simple tool for creating a live interactive image mix, Imajjio puts the magic of multilayered montage at your fingertips.


Create a fluid image mix for imaginative storytelling.

Discover unexpected visual forms as images blend together.

Perform your work live in collaboration with musicians, dancers, storytellers.


make your mix

Imajjio layers your images together and lets you blend them by touch.

Create a dynamic image mix as you glide around the screen. 

Explore the way-points between the nodes and find new composite images.

Work from your own photo library or purchase image sets in-app.


compose YOUR WORK

Pick images from your photo albums to make an image Loop

Arrange the image sequence in the Loop Inspector. 

Glide your touch around the screen preview the flow.

Put together a series of Loops to make a larger composition.



Connect to your TV using Airplay or HDMI cable and perform your image Loops live. 

Play the music track you’ve assigned to the Loop or set up an iTunes playlist to accompany your performance.

With AutoFlow Imajjio will create its own fluid image mix, using fractal algorithms.

Turn on AutoPlay and let Imajjio play a series of loops on its own

Enjoy the magic!